There are 18 old pictures of me and my family in rotation. Hit the refresh button on your browser and it will load a different photo. Roll your mouse over the picture for a brief description.

"New" Stuff

An 18th Century Cookbook

I find this strange old cookbook in amongst Mom's old cookbooks(April 2014)

Macintosh 101

My intro guide to Macs for PC techs has been updated.(April 2014)

A Lamborghini For My Birthday

One of the best birthday gifts ever. For any car nut something for your bucket list. (June 2012)

Why Time Warner Cable Sucks

If you have TW Cable you probably know this already, but I do have my reasons. (April 2012)

Windows Tech Tips

I have added seven brand new tips to (the bottom of) my Windows tips and tricks page. (October 2011)

Welcome To My Website

I've been doing this website, in one form or another, since July of 1996. Much longer than most well known, professional, bloggers. Not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.

Back then you couldn't Google. AOL was still relevant and cable just brought you a bunch of extra TV stations.

The remnants of those first awkward pages are mostly gone. And a personal website is no longer a weird affectation. And to be honest sometimes I post semi-regularly, sometimes not.

Like the thousands of blogs that have come and gone since then, this is now and always has been just a place for me to inflict my thoughts, creative urges, and vast store of opinions on my family, friends and you, the self-selected random web surfer. Unlike most other blogs created in the last five years or so, is unlikely to vanish tomorrow.

I try not to take all this too seriously. It's a hobby. And I am not making a dime from it. My advice to you would be to not take anything written here too seriously as well.

The New Stuff to the immediate left is, as the heading would indicate, newer articles. There may be newer ones on the blog but I like these ones more.

The blog section though seemingly redundant is a newer addition. And being a fundamentally lazy hobbyist "webmaster" I just never bothered to convert all the old content over to a format Wordpress understands.

The Article Index is a list of both highlighted blog entries and articles that pre-date installing Wordpress on my server. Have a look, older doesn't mean "less relevant."

Feel free to quote or link to anything here. All I ask is that you properly attribute anything you use. I always encourage and am interested in your comments. But the blog commenting system is turned off. Mostly to avoid the hassle of monitoring the site, dealing with comment spam and hackers. There is a commenting form at the bottom of all blog posts or you could Yeah I know, "How 1996!"